Kenya Moore wants to collaborate with Beyoncé on music

Kenya Moore has everyone talking about season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Earlier this season the former Miss USA got into a feud with fellow cast member Porsha Stewart, and in the process coined the term “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.”

Over the past few months the breakout star of the RHOA recorded and released a chart topping song and shot a video for “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.”

Moore has even gained the attention of pop icon Beyoncé. After her epic Super Bowl performance Beyoncé was asked what she thought about Destiny’s Child’s performance, to which she responded “It was fierce, honey.  It was Gone With the Wind fabulous!

During an interview on The Dish with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Moore says that Beyoncé quoting her popular phrase was flattering. So much so that she channeled her inner Sasha Fierce for her “Gone With the Wind fabulous” video, which is scheduled to debut on Watch What Happens Live later this month.

“I pay homage to Beyoncé. I do a rendition of “Single Ladies,” because I just love her so much,” Moore revealed.“I would like to do a song with her… or at least when she comes to Atlanta get on the stage with her and do a little something.”

In addition to her music video, Moore just finished production on her first workout DVD, Booty Boot Camp a.k.a. “Stallion Booty.”

Moore says that despite rumors that her looks have been surgically enhanced, she is in fact 100% natural.  “I am a natural girl… real fans know that I’m natural. You can’t just go buy a body like this, you have to work at it.”

What’s next for Moore? She plans on turning her attention to film and doing another season of Housewives.

“I have a film that I’m going to be producing next season. It will be centered around a group of women,” Moore said. “It will be very similar to Sex and the City. So you get all kind of personalities and lots of drama.”

Moore won’t reveal just yet whether or not she plans to star in the film.

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