Melissa Harris-Perry shows viewers true 'Harlem Shake'

This weekend, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry dedicated a segment of her show to the viral video craze surrounding the ‘Harlem Shake.’

Perry, host of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, said the “mislabled” dance  Perry said she’s not “hating,” but took issue simply with the videos claiming to be ‘Harlem Shake.’ Perry said the phenomenon is part of a larger history of “voyeurism” of Harlem’s cultural contributions:

“Harlem has given birth to some of America’s most distinctive and original art, music and literature,” Perry said. “And just as surely as Harlem has innovated, it has been invaded by those who come to Harlem with little sense of history or social context and no desire for political or economic solidarity.”

To close the segment, Perry brought into the studio the originators of the dance, the ‘Crazy Boyz’ and ‘Harlem Shakers.’

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