52-year-old Evonne Lee has been hospitalized ever since she learned of her deadly leukemia prognosis.

Yet, that unwelcome surprise in February of last year met its match yesterday when one of Lee’s biggest hopes came to fruition.

“One of her wishes was to get married before her time was up,” says Nurse Melissa Pritchett.

And it was a wish come true when Kentucky’s University Hospital helped stage a wedding ceremony as Lee married her partner of eight years, 53-year-old Don Tyler.

“When we first met and got together, we decided we [were] in it for life,” says Tyler, who proposed to Lee on Dec. 25.

The staff arranged a special service for the couple complete with cake, food and flowers donated on behalf of the town’s local businesses. Lee’s hospital room and neighboring space were also transformed into the reception hall.

“I’ve done many things on this floor, but not wedding planning,” says Pritchett.

But the team managed to pull off a day filled with family and friends, including a visit from Lee’s daughter who traveled from Japan where she has lived for the last six years.

“I know I don’t have long to live,” says Lee. “But the time I have, I will still enjoy.”