Marcus Canty ready to leave his mark on R&B

theGRIO VIDEO - You may have seen him compete on the singing competition X-Factor, but Marcus Canty's journey didn't stop there...

You may have seen him compete on the singing competition “X-Factor,” but Marcus Canty’s journey didn’t stop there.

Now signed to L.A. Reid’s Epic Records, the 22 year old’s is ready to make his mark in the R&B game with just released EP ‘This is Marcus Canty.’

Preparing yourself for your first major label debut can be nerve racking but, having Reid in your corner surely doesn’t hurt.

“I love the artists that he has made stars,” said Canty of Reid’s musical legacy.

Along with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Reid started LaFace Records in 1989,  where acts such as TLC, Outkast and Usher flourished. Based in Atlanta,  LaFace records proved New York and Los Angeles weren’t the only places stars could be born.

Having L.A. as as work dad with 20 plus years in the music provides a great source of knowledge and advice.

“The best advice he ever told me was to never anyone take your joy in regards to my music,” Canty said. “Some people are out here literally to take what makes you happy away from you. I try to not let that happen.”

We sat down with Canty also sat down with us to discuss how it was to sing for Rihanna during his time on X Factor and his relationship he has with his fans. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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