New video of CPAC 'race' encounter shows crowd reactions to segregationist, black radio host

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A new video has been released showing an encounter between a self-described segregationist and a black radio host during a Conservative Political Action Conference session on race.

The session, entitled “Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?” was hosted by a black tea party activist, K. Carl Smith, who at one point was questioned by Scott Terry, a North Carolina man who said he was there to stand up for his “demographic” and that Smith’s advice on how conservatives and Republicans could reach out to minority voters was coming “at the expense of young white Southern males.”

Terry, a member of a group called the White Student Union, had a tense exchange with an African-American woman radio host, Kim Brown, over slavery, after Terry responded to Smith’s assertion that Frederick Douglass — for whom Smith’s organization is named — eventually forgave his slave master. Brown objected to Terry’s question of whether Douglass had forgiven his enslaver for “giving him food and shelter all those years.”

Video of the exchange, and Smith’s attempt to interject, spread across the Internet after last week’s CPAC conference, and several reports stated that it was Brown, not Terry, who earned the ire of many in attendance at the event. Now, new video has emerged that shows the interchange from a new angle.