Chicago – As Chicago continues to struggle with gang violence, the city plans to bring in the big guns for answers.

First Lady Michelle Obama heads to Chicago April 10 to address “youth empowerment,” according to a statement from the White House. If you’re wondering what the empowerment of youth means, look further into the announcement for the answer: Obama will attend a joint luncheon meeting to discuss “youth violence in Chicago.”

It’s a familiar topic in a city that recently buried a 6-month-old girl killed in a shooting fueled by gangs. Obama herself attended a separate funeral for teen Hadiya Pendleton, killed at a park by a gang member. Pendleton’s parents even sat next to the first lady during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Last week Chicago Public Schools announced the closing of 54 schools, an issue parents are worried will put their children in harm’s way as they must now cross gang lines to get to class.

When Obama returns to Chicago next month, she plans to join Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Allstate Corporation President Thomas J. Wilson and Loop Capital CEO James Reynolds, Jr., for lunch at The Hilton Chicago.

It’s not known whether Jonylah Watkins, Hadiya Pendleton or the school closings will come up. The White House says she will call upon business leaders to invest in opportunities for the city’s youth.

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