This week’s book list: Honoring Chinua Achebe, the beauty of poetry, and more

african kings

Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off The Boat is a look at one immigrant family’s story of struggle and triumph told through the lens of a young man obsessed with being “American,” which for him means listening to rap music, smoking weed and watching football.

This book leads our Hit List. We also honor, Chinua Achebe, who died last week. In There Was A Country, he tackles the very complex Nigerian-Biafran War in a very nuanced and enlightening way.

Also on the list this week is Caroline Kennedy’s Poems To Learn By Heart, which she hopes will inspire a generation to have a love affair with words.

And new mom and actress, Jessica Alba, teaches us how to live The Honest Life as she provides insight and resources to live free from harmful chemicals found in our food and cleaning products.

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