“’The World’s Greatest DJ” is a nickname that Kid Capri doesn’t take lightly. The 46-year old Bronx native has been immersed in hip-hop culture since its infant stage — he began spinning at the age of 8.

Capri, a judge for Vh1’s DJ competition, Master Of The Mix, believes the show is a perfect platform to display the art form.

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Among his fellow judges: DJ Mia Moretti and music producer Ben Maddahi, Capri considers himself to be the Simon Cowell of the trio when evaluating contestants.

“I let DJs know what critiques to do,” stated the Kid Capri.  “I don’t give any favoritism or curveballs. I tell the truth and keep it authentic. That’s what keeps the credibility of me and the show.”

Why doesn’t hip-hop respect its elders?

While the four principles that make up hip-hop consist of rapping, break dancing, graffiti and DJing, Kid Capri believes hip-hop’s origin will always point back to the turntables.

“Without the DJ, you won’t be heard on a mix tape, radio, or even the club,” Capri explains. “Master Of The Mix only solidifies that the DJ is first element.”

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