Should a father have an important say in his daughter’s choice of a spouse?

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From Black Enterprise:

What if all men had to obtain marriage approval from a girlfriend’s father by providing their credit reports, bank statements and medical records? Would men approach life and marriage preparation a little bit differently?

These are questions Steve faced as a reality when asked for these very items by his girlfriend’s father. What started off as a nervous meeting to request a father’s approval for his daughter’s hand in marriage, ended up being a more in-depth process for earning this approval.

“Wow!” was the first thing that came to Steve’s mind when asked of his response to the father’s request.

“I didn’t know whether to be upset or appreciative,” Steve also added with a laugh.

Fortunately, Steve was able to provide credit reports with scores of 708, 723 and 740. He was also able to show decent savings and a clean bill of health in the records given to the father. However, what if he wasn’t so fortunate? He might have lost out on the ability to receive the father’s support and approval to marry his daughter.

Many of you may believe the father’s request was too extreme and a bit too superficial. However, it actually made me reflect on a father’s role in ensuring his daughter is taken care of when handed-off to her husband.

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