Jane Fonda discusses raising black daughter, whose new book 'The Lost Daughter' explores their bond

From Clutch Magazine:

Even though Jane Fonda has lived a public life, not every aspect of her life was made for public consumption. In addition to her two biological children, Fonda has another daughter: Mary Williams. Fonda didn’t intentionally set up to adopt Williams, but had a chance encounter with Williams when she was a pre-teen attending a summer camp.

“When she showed up at camp … you could tell that she was a special person. And she came back for several years.  And then she didn’t come back …,” Fonda said in the interview on“Good Morning America.”

Williams grew up poor in Oakland, Calif. Her family belonged to the Black Panthers. Life in the tough neighborhood eventually took its toll, and Williams became the victim of a sexual assault when she was 14.

Fonda made her an offer.

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