Don Cheadle says 'Iron Man 4' to be 'determined definitely by Marvel'

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Actor Don Cheadle recently talked to Access Hollywood about filming the upcoming movie Iron Man 3.

Cheadle plays the role of Jim Rhodes in the Iron Man trilogy, also known as the heroic War Machine.

The outfit Cheadle wears to play War Machine is similar to the Iron Man armor suit.

“It’s very hot,” Cheadle said about his superhero costume, “and pretty uncomfortable.”

When asked about the possibility of an Iron Man 4 Cheadle said, “I think if people like you make enough noise about it there’ll be an Iron Man 4.”

“It’s going to be determined definitely by Marvel, and if they think there’s another aspect of the story that needs to be told that wasn’t covered in the trilogy,” Cheadle said.  “If there’s another way in that’s interesting.”

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