2) 'Devil in a Blue Dress' (1994): Cheadle's first big breakout role and he ends up stealing this noir thriller right from under its star -- Denzel Washington. Cheadle plays Mouse -- Washington's character's trigger happy friend whose nickname couldn't be less appropriate.

Don Cheadle has been one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood for years. Despite years of acclaimed performances in both dramatic and blockbuster films he’s only been recognized by the Academy Awards once and is rarely given above-the-title, A-list roles.

Although, recently, that has begun to change.

Cheadle now anchors the hit Showtime TV series House of Lies and he is starring alongside Robert Downey Jr. in what is likely to be the biggest hit of the summer: Iron Man 3.

He has been one of the most respected black film performers since he burst onto the scene and he’s arguably never given a less-than-stellar performance.

With that in mind theGrio took on the unenviable task of picking his 10 best. Check our list and let us know if we got it right.