Sloane Stephens says she and Serena spoke, are now ‘good’

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On Tuesday, Sloane Stephens reversed course from her published statements in an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine and offered Serena Williams nothing but praise on Twitter:

Stephens caught considerable flak for ripping Williams for her lack of ‘friendliness’ towards her – including deleting the young tennis star from Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger. Stephens also told  The Magazine’s Maria Cogan she didn’t appreciate a tweet Williams posted in January, a subliminal reference to the respect Stephens owed her for ‘paving the way.’

Well, that was quick.

Stephens’ tweet Tuesday will probably not be the last time she is asked to address her relationship with Williams. Just wait until the two have to square off against each other again. reported late Monday the two had since resolved their ‘differences’ at the U.S. Fed Cup in early April. (The Stephens interview was conducted in March) The greatest American tennis player today and a bonafide rising talent are back on the same page.

And that’s a great thing. Williams may not be keen on mentoring someone who represents stiff competition, but it’s better to know they’re at least friendly at the moment.

Surely Stephens now understands the power of being on the record. A ‘life lesson’ that will serve her well as her tennis career continues to thrive.

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