Jordan Dickerson, left, and Robin Jeter discovered they were sisters after 17 years apart. (Courtesy WUSA 9)

Jordan Dickerson and Robin Jeter were separated when they were infants, but reunited by chance at a high school track meet earlier this year.

Dickerson, a junior at Woodrow Wilson High School, and Jeter, a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy public charter school, attend school about 10 miles apart in Washington D.C. and play the same sports, but had never crossed paths.

On January 9, both sisters attended the same track meet.

Dickerson told WUSA 9 that her teammates told her there was another girl who looked just like her.

“I had already known about my adoption, and I knew my last name was Jeter,” Dickerson said.  When she learned Robin’s last name, she said she started crying.

They talked on the phone the night they met, discovering that they were born just nine months apart.

Jeter first lived with her biological mother, then moved to foster care, and then to a legal guardian.

The sisters decided to look for more siblings, finding four so far, according to WUSA 9.

Dickerson and Jeter have become close, spending weekends together and frequently talking on the phone.

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