Plaxico Burress launches luxury accessories line

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NFL star Plaxico Burress is testing new waters during the off-season and has launched a luxury sock line as part of The Plaxico Burress Collection.

A fan of vibrant and comfortable socks, Burress, 35, has spent the last two years designing a collection that reflects his taste in fashion and provides great-fitting socks to those who consider them hard to find.

“I’ve always been crazy about my socks, my socks have always been loud,” Burress told theGrio at his launch event on Friday.

“It’s all about comfort and style, I want to wear a sock that’s comfortable for me because I have a size 12 shoe, I put on a lot of these socks on and the heel box doesn’t even go over my heel,” he admits.

As a result, Burress took it upon himself to craft a line that provides these necessities for men – but he isn’t the only celeb to launch this venture.

Reality TV star Rob Kardashian has also recently entered the market for footwear and released his own line of designer socks, known as Arthur George. However, Burress says his collection “isn’t like anyone else’s, it’s a little different over here” and reassures that “it’s all about comfort and style.”

Many more surprises to come

According to The Plaxico Burress Collection website, the line “offers just the right combination of quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and a great fit.”

“The collection caters to the fashion conscious man. With colorful, Modern Art inspired designs, that can be mixed and matched in seemingly unlimited combinations.”

It has only been days since the former Giants receiver officially launched the release of his new line, and he says although he is kicking things off with his luxury sock line, fans can expect many more male accessories to come.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg!” the stylish star says. “I’m going to reach out and do bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, belts, I’m doing a whole accessories line. This is just open[ing] the door for the socks but it’s only the beginning of a whole project.  It’s a whole movement.”

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection range in price from $24 – $30. It is currently available online and will be in stores nationwide soon.

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