Even though rapper Eve hasn’t dropped an album in over 10 years, her presence in the genre is still felt by her fans.

Her latest album, Lip Lock is currently available and while she experiments with some pop and reggae elements lyrically, the pit bull in a skirt wanted to get back to spitting hard bars.

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“What was important for me for this album was that the people who fell in love with me on the first album with Ruff Ryder’s would still recognize me on this album,” Eve recalled.

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During the late 90s, women emcees were plentiful in both numbers and quality. One of Eve’s more famous verses appeared on the Missy Elliott posse cut, “Hot Boyz (Remix)”, and it was one of her greatest hits.

The Philly rapper wishes the current crop of lady spitters would create more music together like their male counterparts.

“It’s annoying,” said Eve about the lack of unity between the women rappers. “We were able to kinda get along back then in 90’s. I don’t want to say everyone were best-best friends , but it wasn’t about that. It was about making good music. I think that’s what’s lost right now.”

Check out what else Eve had to say in the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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