‘Rent is Too Damn High’ guy on Anthony Weiner: ‘Anthony Weiner is a freak!’

theGRIO VIDEO - 'He's a freak,' McMillan said of Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 over a texting scandal involving what many would consider a salacious image of his pelvic region...

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner has officially announced his campaign for mayor of New York, joining an experienced field of contenders in the 2013 race.

In addition to well-known names in politics, such as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Public Advocate for the City of New York Bill DeBlasio, Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan has also tossed his hat into the ring.

While he may not have the credentials of other candidates, McMillan does have pointed words for former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

“The Rent is Too Damn High” guy: “Anthony Weiner is a freak”

“He’s a freak,” McMillan said of Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 over a texting scandal involving what many would consider a salacious image of his pelvic region.

McMillan believes Weiner, like the other candidates, is not interested in addressing what really matters to voters.

Representing the Rent is Too Damn High Party, McMillan became a viral sensation when he ran for governor of New York in 2010. While he didn’t win, McMillan won over many hearts and minds with his populist platform delivered in catchy phrases, including “the rent is too damn high.”

What really matters to voters? The rent

For his Mayoral run, McMillan is continuing to focus on economic issues impacting the middle and working classes, including the cost of higher education, and of course rising housing prices.

To McMillan, Weiner is “not ready” to tackle unemployment, stagnant wages, and similar issues outlined in his recently-released rap anthem, “Rent is Too Damn High.”

This song, released to coincide with McMillan’s announcement of his mayoral run, details the critical problems this independent candidate does not trust the mainstream political establishment to solve.

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McMillan, the political maverick

McMillan proudly stands alone outside what he sees as a group of attention-seeking insiders.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a how-to-fixion,” McMillan said. “Something is wrong, and needs to be corrected.”

Instead of bringing solutions, Weiner, the colorful candidate said, would turn the city into “a freak show.”

Asking voters to think outside the box

McMillan hopes voters will look at the track record of candidates such as Weiner, whose scandals have been more prominent than his policies, and consider his party as an alternative.

“Take the politics out your life and look how you done screwed the country up with your silly ways of voting,” McMillan said of voters in a recent video interview with theGrio. “Voting Democrat, Democrat, Democrat. Republican, Republican, Republican. They have failed this nation.

“You’re wearing a pair of shoes. The shoes hurt your feet. You’re going to keep wearing them? We represent that change, without any explanation,” he said of the Rent is Too Damn High Party.

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