Anna Pierre, North Miami mayoral candidate. (Courtesy NBC Miami)

Anna Pierre, mayoral candidate who claimed she was “endorsed by Jesus,” finished last in the North Miami race.

Pierre posted to her Facebook page following the results:

The results are in. The administration screwed me big time…. They claimed I only have 56 votes – YOU CAN BELIEVE THEM IF YOU WANT – I know they are corrupted and some members of the current ADMINISTRATION were ready to do anything to have their protege elected to (perhaps) prevent their butt from going to jail in the near future. BUT I NEVER EXPECTED THEM TO GO THIS FAR. To this, I’ ll make a correction – since I voted for myself also – I will say that I AM GIVEN ONLY 55 VOTES FROM ALL THE BALLOTS THAT WERE CAST FOR ME. Well, I am strong & I can take it. REMEMBER THAT I AM NOT ALONE. I AM A TRUE CHRISTIAN WOMAN. NOT ONLY I AM COVERED UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS…I AM SWIMMING IN IT. MY JESUS HAS CONTROL OVER MY LIFE & THE TITLE OF MAYOR DOESN’T DEFINE WHO I AM AS A PERSON. NORTH MIAMI CHOSE “LUCIEFER” OVER JESUS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST & SUPPORT, YOUR FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- YOUR PRAYERS ! I HAVE LOST A HARD FOUGHT BATTLE BUT NOT A WAR.

Pierre lost the election to openly gay mayoral candidate Kevin Burns.  Burns will face Lucie Tondreau in the final June 4th election.

In her Facebook post, Pierre went on to congratulate Tondreau and included a passage from the Bible.

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