Men: Do you want a Christian woman in theory, or practice?

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From Madame Noire:

When a man describes what he wants in a woman, does he really know what he is asking for? When he gives his laundry list of things he desires in his ideal mate does he truly want what he’s asking for? Ladies, when a man says he wants ‘a good Christian’ woman does he really want a Christian woman in theory, or does he want ‘a good Christian’ woman in practice?

I ask this question because more often than not when men give a general list of things they desire in a mate, and one trait they say they desire is the trait of a woman being a Christian, or one who attends church, has a relationship with the Lord, a God fearing woman or my personal favorite… a Virtuous Woman.

While these are all admirable traits and any man who is a believer in Christ should desire a woman who fears the Lord, I wonder how many of those men really want a woman who does more than profess to be a God fearing woman/Christian, or attend church on Sunday faithfully; and actually lives her life in a manner that honors God. Because believe it or not, there is a difference that many men are aware of but choose not to take heed to.

I wonder this because more often than not many men will meet women who live their lives to please and honor God (or at least try their best too) and then they are often questioned about their lifestyle, the men may try to challenge it, it or they are instantly sent into the friend zone.

This leads me to believe that when some men say they desire women who are God fearing/Christian women what they really want are women who simply attend church on Sunday, shout during morning worship, but on Monday they slob them down without a problem! I know this sounds contradicting and even a little harsh, but this is the reality of some Christian and non-Christian men’s thought process when it comes to desiring a Christian woman.

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