Orlando Shaw has fathered 22 children with 14 different woment (Courtesy News Channel 5)

Orlando Shaw is being taken to court for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support for his 22 children by 14 different women.

It is estimated the state of Tennessee pays more than $7,000 each month to support Shaw’s children.

Magistrate Scott Rosenberg told local NBC affiliate News Channel 5 that it would take three or four full-times jobs to cover the child support fees.

“How do we apply our child support guidelines to this many children in this many households?” Rosenberg questioned.

Following the hearing, the 33-year-old father told News Channel 5, “I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

Shaw’s case will likely go to trial, and he could face potential jail time.

“I love my kids and I can care less about what anyone thinks about it,” Shaw said.

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