Meet Kenyatta Jones the founder of the world’s first plus size fashion house, and the star of WE tv’s new reality series House of Curves.

The show follows the passionate and hilarious trials of Jones, the Atlanta-based founder of Bella Rene Clothing, as she tries to make it in the world of fashion. She’s kicking down the doors of the industry with her edgy designs, her 6-inch stilettos and absolutely no apologies.

During an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Jones talked about some of the backlash she received while launching a plus size fashion line, and confessed that she remains determined to one day show her designs at New York City’s prestigious Fashion Week.

“I’m not promoting obesity. I’ve been fat all of my life,” Jones said. “I just wish that someone would have given me something nice to wear. Because at my biggest I was 350 lbs. I’m just as confident then as I am now at 220… I’m short and I’m fat. So I need a certain type of clothing to make me feel good about myself; to even try to lose weight.”

House of Curves airs on WE tv Thursdays at 10/9C.

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