The parents of Trayvon Martin were present every day of the weeks-long George Zimmerman trial, which ultimately end with the acquittal of Zimmerman of second-degree murder charges in the death of their 17-year-old son.

The verdict was announced on Saturday — and it was exactly 53 years ago that day that famous British author C.S. Lewis lost his wife to cancer on July, 13, 1960.

He later wrote a book about his loss, A Grief Observed.

In a recent taping, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir points out that the grief Lewis describes reflects the same emotion felt by Martin’s parents.

“Their grief was observed when they learned that their son had been shot dead and the man who admitted responsibility was free to wander back to normal life,” Martin said. “Their grief was observed when the defense tried everything to describe their son as an aggressor when all they knew was that he’d gone shopping for skittles and a soft drink.”

Watch the video above as Bashir highlights the emotions both Lewis and Martin’s parents share.

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