Republican presiding over Voting Rights hearing once claimed blacks better off under slavery

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Shortly after the Supreme Court gutted a key part of the Voting Rights Act, Republican Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona told Politico that the best way to handle the ruling was to keep a low profile.

“I don’t think we can be intimidated though by the unmitigated carelessness with which the other side casts aspersions of racism in our direction all the time when all we’re trying to do is truly speak up for the indigenous equality of every human being.”

But keeping a low profile may be difficult for Franks, who chairs the subcommittee tasked with crafting the new voting legislation. In a 2010 interview, Franks claimed that African-Americans were better off under slavery than today because more black children are aborted now than in that era.

“Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African-American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by policies of slavery. And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?” Franks said in the video interview.

Franks regards abortion as a much more important civil rights issue than preserving the Voting Rights Act. Last year he introduced a bill banning race and gender-selective abortion, a proposal based on the peculiar premise that black women are racist against their own potential offspring.

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