Larry Elder mocks Rachel Jeantel, tells Piers Morgan ‘racism is not a major problem in America’

theGRIO REPORT - Conservative radio host Larry Elder joined Piers Morgan on CNN to discuss his reactions to Morgan's interview with George Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel...

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Conservative KABC radio host Larry Elder joined Piers Morgan on CNN‘s Piers Morgan Live to discuss his reaction to Morgan’s interview with George Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel.

During Morgan’s interview with Rachel Jeantel earlier this week, Elder took to his Twitter account to unleash a series of tweets, beginning with:

When Morgan first brought up Jeantel and the negative tweets, Elder responded by telling Morgan he wasn’t “doing her any favors by condescendingly trying to convince her that she was a victim.”

He went on to attack her intelligence.

“This is a young lady who didn’t apply herself,” Elder said.  “A 19-year-old who’s still in high school. Instead of saying, ‘young lady, take this as an opportunity to take stock of your life,’ you’ve treated her like she’s a victim.”

Morgan attempted to get Elder back on track: “You tweeted some ridiculous things. You tweeted at one stage, ‘would I like Rachel Jeantel to fly my plane?’ Why would you say that?”

“I’ll tell you why I said that, Piers,” Elder answered.  “I’ll tell you why I said that because after you interview her, you condescendingly went on television the next morning and called her ‘one smart cookie.’ Bull! Why don’t you hire her as a nanny. Let’s see how smart she is. It’s a condescending kind of thing that a lot of white people say to black people.”

Piers questioned Elder as to wherever or not Jeantel is stupid, and the radio host’s response was, “I think you’re stupid.”

Elder then went on to say that there are other, more pressing issues facing the African-American community, and that the Trayvon Martin case isn’t even in the top 10.

“Instead of being angry at George Zimmerman, be angry at the minority of the thug who’s committing these kinds of crimes,” Elder said.

“Racism is not a major problem in America anymore, Piers.”

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