Rush Limbaugh: ‘If any race of people should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians’

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Conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh said that “it’s time for this white guilt to end” on his radio show today and that “if any race of people should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians.”

Limbaugh continued to say that compared to other parts of the world, slavery in America “by no means was it anywhere near the worst.”

He went on to say that Native Americans started wars with each other for slaves, and that “Ancient Rome went to war to win more slaves.”

According to Media Matters, Limbaugh closed his argument by saying:

But despite it all, no other race has ever fought a war for the purpose of ending slavery, which we did. Nearly 600,000 people killed in the Civil War. It’s preposterous that Caucasians are blamed for slavery when they’ve done more to end it than any other race, and within the bounds of the Constitution to boot. And yet white guilt is still one of the dominating factors in American politics. It’s exploited, it’s played upon, it is promoted, used, and it’s unnecessary.

Limbaugh made headlines last week for his comments following Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel’s interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan.

During the interview, Jeantel said there was a different meaning to the n-word when it ends in ‘a’ as opposed to ‘er.’

Limbaugh said the n-word ending in ‘a’ on his radio show the following day, adding that because of Jeantel’s statements, he should be able to use the word from now on.

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