b michael AMERICA RED collection at Macy’s: Designer shares his ready-to-wear, timeless chic

Having had his designs worn by women ranging from Beyoncé to first lady Michelle Obama, b Michael knows how to deliver universally fabulous, timeless style.

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As a runway coach for young ladies and beauty pageant contestants around the world, I stress that confidence and a successful attitude are what makes a woman stand out from a crowd of contestants.

I have also found that the dresses in the b michael AMERICA RED collection help women accomplish these goals.

When I met with b Micheal in his atelier in New York City, he shared how his ready-to-wear collection brings the elegance, refinement, and fit of his haute couture pieces right to the rack.

Dresses that go elegantly from day to night

“The way we live today, it is so important to have clothing that takes us elegantly from day to night,” the storied clothier, who also designed the costumes for Whitney Houston in Sparkle, tells theGrio.

“This is a ready-to-wear collection that follows the real traditions of couture,” b Micheal further explains, saying, “we worked very hard to make each dress conform as though it is measured for your body.”

His diligence and dedication to this collection can be seen immediately in his studio environment. Filled with industrial sewing machines, a working table and women working on patterns, adjusting seams, and spreading materials, this Fashion District loft is the central nerve center for b Michael AMERICA RED.

It is the creative mind of b Michael that generated the refined details, soft shapes, and amazing tailoring of his RED collection. Each dress says, “I can bring home the bacon and the sexy,” the perfect mantra for his description of the “modern-chic” woman.

Yes, b Micheal also knows how to dress her.

Timeless chic of b Michael AMERICA RED

This collection includes sharp shades of turquoise, potent tones of blush, ecru and several unique fabrics, such as textured silks and woven yarns that are still light and comfortable. While his latest collection is for Spring and Summer, b Michael AMERICA RED’s offerings are truly seasonless — as in, for all seasons — as well as timeless.

The hourglass and A-line silhouettes of b michael AMERICA RED — shapes that are emblematic of true American fashion — are enhanced by feminine collars, well-placed darts, subtly sweeping necklines and hems hitting just at the knee.

When you saunter in a dress from this collection, you actually feel like you are flirting as you walk. Audrey Hepburn would have sported one of these frocks in her prime, or a young Diana Ross. Even her daughter Tracee would choose b michael AMERICA RED for the desired look of fun, opulent elegance.

What does the courtier think of these lady-like details?

“They are bringing the couture sensibilities that I think make the collection more special,” says b. Michael

Couture meets ready-to-wear in RED

Couture, a word that has lost the meaning of handmade quality for some brands, for many just means expensive. But, as a runway model, I have had the luxury of feeling the fit of gorgeous, handmade clothes. The use of darts, seams, and raw skill that mold designs to your body, hitting you in the perfect spots to show off your curves — that’s what gives you that one-of-a-kind “this dress was made JUST for me” exhilaration.

With ready-to-wear it is almost the opposite. A designer must expand his pattern, and make simplified construction choices to suit a wide range of shapes for each size. It can often mean the simplification of fit and a lack of that detail that enhances a woman’s form.

Yet, b Michael, who has been a couturier for over 25 years, has worked very effectively to blend these two polar opposites in this season of dresses.

His b michael AMERICA RED collection miraculously gives you ready-to-wear looks with a couture fit.

Making sure RED is made in America

In addition to bringing couture quality to the table, b Michael is spearheading yet another path by remaining committed to ensuring that all his clothes are designed and made here in America.

Since 1999, when b Michael launched his own line, b has stayed true to creating jobs for garment workers in New York City and supporting the heart of the U.S. fashion industry. Hence the addition of “AMERICA” to the b Michael brand name.