TheBlackManCan highlights positive images of African-American men

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Brandon Frame, a young African-American man, is concerned about the prevalent and negative images of black men in society.

He sat down with NBC New York’s Tracie Strahan to talk about his efforts to combat stereotypes in his community and uplift a younger generation of black males.

At only 25 years old Frame launched, a website that highlights black male role models that are having a positive impact in their communities.

“I’m trying to prove that the black man can, the black man is very diverse. We’re politicians, we’re just everyday men who are raising families and kids,” said Frame. “Just to show the diversity of who we are. Not just a monolithic view of the black man.”

The website features many topic about the life of a black man including celebrations of healthy marriages, successful college students, writing from bloggers about black men and boys, and even style tips from well-dressed business people.

Frame is not only broadcasting positive black male achievement online, he also runs The BlackManCan Institute that serves to mentor young black men. He said that he wants to bring together the hip-hop generation and the civil rights generation to pass along wisdom.

The young men that participate in the institute receive ties, a journal that can be implemented in classrooms, and programming within their communities. Frame also highlights men and boys in the “Black Man Can” awards, that recognizes award recipients in a variety of categories.

To learn more about TheBlackManCan click here.