Anala Beevers: 4-year-old with a genius IQ invited to join Mensa

theGRIO REPORT - When AOL asked Anala how smart she is, her response was 'very smart'...

If you saw her walking down the street, you’d think Anala Beevers was just an ordinary, adorable four-year-old girl from New Orleans. Like other children, Anala has vocational aspirations–she wants to become a nurse–and enjoys playing with her big sister. What makes her different than other preschoolers, and most fully-formed adults, is her IQ.

If you take a look at this video, you will see that Anala is a whiz when it comes to reciting U.S. capitals and the names of global countries too, just a few examples of her aptitude.

Her mother Sabrina Beevers first noted her exceptional mind when Anala aced the alphabet at four-months-old, and later learned numbers in both Spanish and English at 18 months.

Anala’s IQ is over 145, earning her an invitation to join the selective society, Mensa. Most “Mensans” score in the top two percent of the population for their IQs — however, Anala’s performance placed her in the top one percent.

TheGrio has confirmed through media representatives for Mensa that Anala has accepted their invitation.

Mensa was founded in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a lawyer, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer, who wanted to form a society in which membership was determined solely by a person’s IQ. Other factors such as “race, color, creed, national original, age, politics, educational or social background are irrelevant,” according to the Mensa mission.

With that said, Anala’s IQ is remarkable for any person, but especially for a child. She is just two years shy of the record breaker, Emmelyn Roettger, who was two years old when she was asked to join Mensa. According to, there are currently 2,800 members under the age of 18, but the majority of Mensans range in age from 20 to 100. To date, there are about 110,000 total members from 100 countries worldwide.

When AOL asked Anala how smart she is, her response was “very smart.” Her parents would agree and admit she is smarter than they are. “She keeps us on our toes… She is a handful,” her father Landon Beevers said.

“She corrects our grammar,” Sabrina added.

“She needs a reality show,” Landon insists.

Despite the IQ difference, Anala is still the baby of her family. For now, she seems poised to enjoy a fruitful childhood without the megalomania of the reality show business.

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