From Weiner to Spitzer: Scandal-plagued politicians buoyed by black voters

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In light of reports that New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and NYC comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer are garnering support from black voters despite enduring public disgrace, theGrio put together a slideshow of embattled politicians who have been continually buoyed by black voters.

According to a July 29th Quinnipiac University Poll, Weiner received the highest percentage of potential black votes among NYC mayor candidates despite being ridiculed for an ongoing ‘sexting’ scandal.

Spitzer, the former N.Y. governor, has a commanding lead in African-American voters who were polled for a July 25 Quinnipiac University Poll, receiving 63 percent of their votes even though he resigned as governor due to extra-marital activities involving a prostitute.

From Jesse Jackson Jr. to former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry, there are several U.S. politicians whose scandals did not directly affect their approval among African-Americans.

Check out our gallery of public servants who fell from grace but remained in the good graces of minority voters.