Michelle Obama turns to hip-hop to promote childhood obesity campaign

theGRIO REPORT - Michelle Obama is partnering with Hip-Hop Public Health and Partnership for a Healthier America to release 'Songs for a Healthier America'...

Michelle Obama is adding another fun element to her healthy kids campaign that seeks to tackle the issue of childhood obesity.

Like her husband, the first lady has turned to hip-hop to demonstrate a point. She is distributing a hip-hop album complete with 10 music videos and 19 tracks to support her “Let’s Move!” nutrition program.

Obama is partnering with Hip-Hop Public Health and Partnership for a Healthier America to release then Songs for a Healthier America album on September 30th.

The single “Everybody” features the first lady joined by songstress Jordin Sparks, emcee Doug E. Fresh, and medical expert Dr. Oz.

The video shows children of all ages dancing lightheartedly between takes of kids doing jumping jacks push ups, and drills.

“Everybody tell somebody, it’s your body. C’Mon,” croons Sparks on the chorus. Doug E. Fresh and Dr. Oz trade short verses about exercise and cardiac health. The directors of the project seek to harness the power that music has over young people and use it to get young people to make better choices.

“For years I have known that we need to reach children in the formative years to educate them to live a life of prevention,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz.  “The best way to do this is to build a bridge with the artists that they see on television and listen to. When someone like Doug E. Fresh shows our youngsters that health can be fun and cool, we are winning the battle.”

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Some other songs on the album include “Veggie Luv”, “Hip Hop LEAN”, and “Get Up Sit Up” most of which will be hip-hop based, according to U.S. News and Wold Reports.

“This album is about more than just a great message and it’s about more than great music,” said PHA’s Chief Marketing Officer Drew Nannis. “It’s about making the healthy choice the easy choice… The simple act of getting up and dancing is a great way to get active and this album – and the dozens of generous musicians who helped make it possible – can help show us how. The added motivation of trying to do the Dougie better than Dr. Oz doesn’t hurt either.”

Michelle Obama launched the campaign to fight childhood obesity on February 9, 2010 and has been personally involved throughout the years.

Obama has traveled to visit schools, urged for healthier lunches, and even hosted community sports programs on the South Lawn of the White House. She was even spotted doing the “dougie” with students during a visit to promote physical health.

The full tracklist and Songs for a Healthier America album is available for free on the Partnership for a Healthier America’s website.