Rush Limbaugh’s war on ‘The Oprah’

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Just days after referring to Oprah Winfrey as “fat,” right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh has doubled down on his critique of the media mogul, calling her “overweight” and “plus size.”

Despite having routinely tipped the scales himself, Limbaugh has had no qualms about lambasting Winfrey, who he curiously refers to as “The Oprah.”

Last year he mocked her OWN network’s ratings struggles saying they were the result of her endorsement of President Barack Obama.

“The minute Oprah endorsed Obama is when it ended for Oprah,” said Limbaugh. “Because up until that time, Oprah did not have a racial identity about her.  Oprah was whatever her audience wanted her to be.”

His latest remarks come on the heels of an alleged incident in which Winfrey claims she was racially profiled when trying to purchase an expensive handbag in Europe.

She says she wanted to look at a $38,000 handbag but was reportedly told it was “too expensive” for her. According to Winfrey, the clerk then opted to show her a cheaper line of handbags. Winfrey took offense, presuming that she was being offered less-expensive bags because she was black.

Limbaugh has a different theory. He says it was because she’s obese,

This week, he said: “You don’t see a whole lot of really fashionable, wealthy, overweight women… unless you get into the frumpy 70s, 80s, but even then it’s an exception to see a very wealthy, overweight fat woman, so the Oprah could have suffered a double whammy when it comes to discrimination.”