California studio hosts ‘ghetto fabulous’ yoga

african kings

iVILLAGE – Power of Your Om Yoga Studio, a place Jezebel describes as “a lily white yoga studio in idyllic Santa Barbara, Calif.,” recently hosted a Ghetto Fabulous yoga class, where students were encouraged to bring their bling, and beautify themselves with corn rows and heavy lip liner — all in the name of … becoming one with their fellow man, we presume?

The N.W.A. event (that’s Namaste With Attitude) invite pledged to provide participants with “various costumes,” “guaranteed belly laughs,” and even a doo-rag giveaway! Who knew gang culture could be so fun and relaxing? The studio even linked to a WikiHow page on how to be ghetto fabulous, since the closest patrons of the studio have probably ever gotten to the ‘hood is watching Miley Cyrus on the VMAs.

Facebook photos from the event (since removed from their page) show plenty of white girls in grillz, sweat bands, wife beaters and low-hanging basketball shorts – sporting, of all things, gang signs. How adorable is that? We’re not sure how to break it to them that their phthalate-free water bottles and eco-smart yoga mat really did not go with their outfits.

Since Power of Your Om posted the invite and images of the event on their Facebook page, there has been a bit of a backlash. I know. Who would have expected that? One member wrote, “Hey when are you gonna start Wetback Wednesdays? I heard you have an awesome playlist of Tejano and we should all wear sombreros and mustaches and class will consist of doing landscaping and washing dishes. Oh — is that offensive?”

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