Queen Latifah believes the best female rappers were from the ’90s

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While Queen Latifah is getting ready for the premiere of her new daytime talk show, the New Jersey emcee’s musical tastes haven’t the left the ’90s.

“I still think some of the best ones that have done it have yet to be topped. I still don’t think anybody has topped the whole era of Foxy, Kim, Missy, Eve, me on the tail end kinda things,” Latifah said about her class of women emcees on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show.

Why Queen Latifah’s sexuality doesn’t matter

While she’s a fan of the reigning queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, Latifah recalls a time where it wasn’t just one woman who lead the charge.

It was the diversity of each woman emcee that created opportunities for both male and female aspiring rappers to thrive.

“I’m still looking forward to it not just being a one-at-a-time female rapper thing. I mean, I think Nicki Minaj is great, but I think we definitely need to blow up some of the other females that are out there.”

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