‘Battle of the Year:’ Chris Brown’s new dance movie fights for attention

Brown’s still got it with the kids

Brown’s personal appeal with critics and the general public may not be strong, but rest assured Team Breezy will show up in full force.

He’s also riding a positive wave coming off his much-praised new album.

Price respects the X singer as an artist, particularly given the fact he’s consistently incorporated dance into his videos and performances.

He also believes Brown’s a crossover star that can fulfill acting expectations as he flips and flares.

“He’s going to represent dance-wise because he’s an amazing talent,” Price points out. “Acting-wise, I’ve seen Chris Brown in other things, he actually has onscreen presence. He doesn’t bother me as a celebrity, R&B star that all the sudden thinks he can act.”

Minus a large-scale marketing plan, many aspects of Battle of the Year target Brown’s niche, younger audience, who are driven by the magnetism of celebrity lifestyle and rap culture.

From that perspective, traditional media could have been pushed aside to focus on digital.

According to Philip Camino, Managing Partner at the marketing firm SYNDCTD, online tactics can be more effective.

“You’re starting to see a lot more digital and a lot more targeted advertising,” he says. “As films become cheaper to make and cheaper to market, [television, radio and print] are not necessarily used as often. You’re seeing much cheaper and much more efficient marketing.”

He continues, “I would say that they’re very likely targeting the audience that’s going to go see this film appropriately, but whether there’s a mass awareness of the film remains to be seen.”

The box office underdog

Reports the Los Angeles Times, Battle of the Year will “struggle in its debut,” earning an projected $6 million in its opening weekend unless audience trackers have underestimated the movie’s allure.

Despite bleak reactions, Scott insists the movie steers in a fresh, invigorating direction.

“It’s completely different,” he notes. “The love story is the hunger to make it. That’s the love story. There’s no guy or girl. It’s all about drive and getting from one place to the next and bringing the world together.”

While Price feels confident in Brown and his abilities, he’s not as keen on the story.

The movie will likely fly by unnoticed, as its star similarly sticks under the radar.

“Maybe they’ll put a twist on it, a spoof,” he remarks. “It will change the genre and surprise us in the direction it goes. If that were the case, it would be cool and refreshing. Do I think it’s that? Not really.”

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