Shaka King's 'Newlyweeds' draws comparison to Spike Lee films

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Rev. Al Sharpton was joined by filmmaker Shaka King on Politics Nation this week.

King is the director of Newlyweeds, his debut film which he shot in his hometown of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

The movie exposes the dilemma of Nina and Lyle – two companions who are caught in a love-stoned triangle and struggle in having to choose between marijuana and each other.

At 33-years-old, King has made significant ground and the New York Times says the film has the “vitality of an early Spike Lee movie.”

King attended New York University and while there, he enrolled in a film-making course taught by Lee.

Now, after producing his first feature movie, Sharpton said Lee tweeted his support for the film which echoed some of the great reviews it has earned so far.

“It’s a tremendous honor,” King told Sharpton. “He is a tremendous filmmaker and talent.”

Newlyweeds opened in New York on Sept. 18 and in Los Angeles on Sept. 20.

Watch the full interview above, where King discussed the current state of black films.

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