Grammy winner Alicia Keys serves as executive producer of George Tillman Jr.’s upcoming drama, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete.

Keys admits she was almost cast in the movie to play the leading role of Gloria, which Jennifer Hudson ultimately brought to life.

“I’m sorry that I’m not in it,” Keys told theGrio.

“There was a time when they talked about me being Gloria, but I really wanted to focus on being the executive producer for this piece. I really also wanted to do the score for this piece.”

This is the 32-year-old singer’s first time producing a major motion picture, but it won’t be her last.

“There’s more things actually coming as we go forward in the year that you’re gonna definitely love,” Keys said. “It’s something that I’m passionate about. I like this angle. I like this side of creativity too.”

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete hit theaters nationwide tomorrow.

Watch Alicia Keys talk about the government shutdown in the video below:

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