Black women and breast cancer: 6 black brands with products benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. For millions of women, the month of October signifies survival after the grappling with the disease, or celebrating the victory of loved ones over the affliction. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. And in the African-American community, women are more likely to die from the disease, as it’s often detected later, and at a more advanced stage than it is for their white counterparts.

Luckily, with growing awareness of these issues has come increasing efforts to support and educate the public on breast cancer prevention and treatment.

In addition to the many local, national and international non-profits fighting to keep breast cancer awareness on the forefront of women’s health discussions, there are also black-owned beauty and fashion brands, and such brands geared towards black women, that have gathered together to support the cause.

Click through the gallery above to learn of just a few companies you can support in these efforts to fight breast cancer, while also supporting black-owned or run companies. Black women with breast cancer need an extra show of support, due to their greater susceptibility to the disease. These companies are working to ensure black women consumers become better armed with awareness that can lead to prevention, while donating funds to fight for a cure.

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