Paris Hilton says she makes ‘perfect fit’ with Cash Money Records

Paris Hilton loves clubbing, hip-hop and dance music, of that she can be sure. While no one would deny her social skills, the verdict remains out as to whether the star can succeed at convincing hard-core music fans she will deliver on her other pursuits.

Hilton’s first single on Cash Money Records, “Good Time” featuring Lil Wayne, debuted Oct. 8, a simple, upbeat party track carried heavily by a bubbly Afrojack beat. Subsequently, she performed her first ever DJ set in the U.S. at Create Nightclub in Hollywood to celebrate its release.

The 32-year-old’s latest career venture has been met with mixed reactions. Some critics scoff at the idea of the heiress and former reality star on a rap label, others act surprised by her talent on the turntables.

As the public anticipates the new Cash Money Millionaire’s 2014 album release, the singer dismisses any naysayers, reveling in her partnership.

“We just make the perfect fit because we are bosses, and we like doing business and living life to the fullest,” Hilton tells theGrio. “I love Birdman, Slim and Wayne. They are such inspirational people, so much fun to work with.”

She adds, “I’m getting amazing feedback from the crowd and my fans. They all love the new song and my video, and I feel really proud and excited.”

Rollin’ with the homies?

Part of the conundrum with Hilton’s deal, of course, stems from the fact people associate Cash Money with rap’s reverential artists, and putting an unproven pop star on the roster doesn’t sound enticing. Hilton’s first album, Paris, was released in 2006, and did not find much success.

This time around however, the singer has strong backing. Her forthcoming album features rap stars like Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida, and she feels she’s got what it takes to bridge the worlds of hip-hop and electronic dance music.

Particularly with Afrojack on her side, a top producer in the EDM scene, the singer aims to gain entry into music’s most prominent genre of the hour.

“This album is very influenced by dance music, [there are] a lot of cool collaborations and fun songs,” she explains. “The music is something you just want to put on to get ready to go out and dance and have a good time. It’s definitely a lot different than my first album.”

Hilton’s love for Miley Cyrus

In the music video for “Good Time,” Hilton flaunts her sleek body in a bathing suit covered in rhinestones and matching stilettos. Scenes later, she rages wild at a pool party, in the club, and amidst a pillar of smoke.

Though the video screams of sex, compared to her counterpart Miley Cyrus, it feels rather tame.

For one, Hilton’s not naked. She’s fortunately not rapping either.

Nevertheless, the singer supports Cyrus’ current look and direction.

“I love what she’s doing right now,” she says. “The ‘Wrecking Ball’ video is really artistic. I love Terry Richardson. I work with him all the time, so I consider it a piece of art. Yeah, it is very sexy, but it’s what Terry Richardson does. It’s his vibe.”

Along with Rihanna’s recent video “Pour It Up,” critics and fans continue to debate the promotion of female sexuality in the music industry.

The latest rebuke comes from opera singer Charlotte Church, who slammed both Cyrus and Rihanna for contributing to the objectification of women in an interview with the BBC.

Hilton, on the other hand, sees no fault in overexposure.

“It’s okay if you’re an artist and you’re having fun with it, as long as you don’t go too overboard,” she says. “It’s a music video, it’s supposed to be sexy. It’s part of the business.”

She’s not a businessman, she’s a business, ma’am

If Hilton’s an expert on anything, it’s certainly business.

The heir to the hotel dynasty has followed in her family’s entrepreneurial trail, running her own billion-dollar empire of fashion and beauty products inspired by the good life.

To date, she has released more than 16 fragrances, her latest out this month, grossing more than $1.5 billion. In 2006, she established Paris Hilton Entertainment to manage her 17 branded lines, including shoes, handbags, watches, lashes & nails, sunglasses, and clothing.

She is reportedly worth $100 million.

“I love everything I do, but first and foremost, I consider myself a businesswoman and a brand,” Hilton comments. “It’s definitely about being confident, and putting in a lot of hard work, and the most important part, staying in touch with your fans and really being there for them.”

But can she relate?

On that note, the star also aims to be relatable, and feels her creative art could be the way.

Despite her megawatt bank account, jet-setting schedule and some minor hurdles along the way (a jail sentence in 2007 and scrutiny over a 2001 sex tape namely), she claims she’s not all that different than the average gal.

“No matter what I do for my job, I’m just a girl like any other woman and go through the same things,” she remarks. “A lot of girls can relate to what I go through, and it shows in my music.”

Asked what difficulties she’s gone through over the years, Hilton admittedly replies, “Nothing.”