DO NOT wear blackface. Or brownface. Or any color face other than the one you were born with. THE END. (Photo via Twitter feed @TCritty25)

Just say no to blackface – or anything that requires you to color your skin in anyway in order to portray an African-American.

Just let it go.

A NBA team was quick to apologize Sunday after retweeting a picture of one of its fan in blackface.

The Utah Jazz’s official Twitter account retweeted Tyler Christensen’s photo of him dressed as Karl Malone with both his face, arms and chest ‘colored in.’ Christensen and another guy in the photo were attempting to strike a similar pose as John Stockton and Malone once did in a team photo.

A few hours later after the original retweet, the Utah Jazz tweeted an apology: 

“May be insensitive” won’t win them any apology points. The team opens the 2013-14 NBA season against the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday.

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Again, it’s best not to wear blackface. Ever.

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