Food Network host Chef Roger Mooking to drop hip-hop album

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Chef and recording artist Roger Mooking took some time out of his busy schedule and sat down with theGrio to discuss his hit television show and upcoming music.

Host of the successful Cooking Channel show Man Fire Food, Mooking said having the opportunity to travel all over the world is one of his favorite things.

Mooking, a member of two ’90s hip-hop groups, followed his passion for food when he left the music industry, landing multiple shows along the way.

The Toronto native is the host and co-creator of Everyday Exotic and the host of Man, Fire, Food on the Cooking Channel.  He also hosts Heat Seekers on the Food Network alongside fellow chef Aaron Sanchez.

Mooking said his two passions do overlap at times, sharing that he will listen to his music while cooking if he is working on new tracks.

He recently released his new album, entitled Feedback, in Canada. Two singles, “The Hum” and “The After Party,” are available in the U.S. via iTunes.

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