Taranza Mckelvin is a 5-year-old boy with an abundance of energy and plenty of confidence – and on Saturday, these qualities helped him to deliver a standout performance as he took on the role of drum major during a local high school football game in Florida.

Mckelvin told WPTV that he has always dreamed of participating in a marching band and so he began practicing with the Glades Central High School band last summer.

“I watched some of the band videos and it teaches me moves,” Mckelvin told the NBC affiliate.

Although he admits that he was nervous at first, Mckelvin soon mastered the moves during practice and impressed members of the band.

So much so, that he was recruited as one of the band’s newest drum majors and was asked to lead the band at one of the school’s biggest football games this past weekend, the Muck bowl.

“I was nervous when I first got out into the field, but then I just performed,” he said.

Mckelvin delivered a memorable performance as he walked onto the field, cape in tow, and wowed audience members.

“He did his performance and the crowd just loved it,” Charlers Moorer, the school’s band director said.

His family also expressed their support and delight in his debut.

Mckelivn’s father, Taranza Mckelvin, Sr., told WPTV: “At 5-years-old, for him to do what he did on the field, we were all… his mom, me, and brother, we were all proud.”

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