Michael Jordan owed legal fees by women who sued over paternity

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Michael Jordan has emerged unscathed from yet another paternity suit.

An Atlanta judge has thrown out the second case in the past year involving a woman alleging that the NBA Hall of Famer was the father of her children.

Not only has Jordan not been found liable, the women who accused him will now have to pay his legal fees.

In this most recent case, 30-year-old Laquetta Theus claimed the legendary basketball player was the father of her 3-year-old son, but a paternity test proved the dad was someone named Hubert Henderson Jr.

Theus has since claimed that this is an alias Jordan uses, according to the Atlanta Daily World.

She now owes roughly $6,500 in legal fees to Jordan. Pamela Smith, who filed a paternity suit against him earlier this year but dropped it, will have to pay the multi-millionaire $9,700.

Jordan has three children from his first marriage. He married model Yvette Prieto earlier this year.