Sasha Obama unicorn sweater from ASOS sells out

theGRIO REPORT - Sasha Obama set first family watchers agog when she wore the unicorn-emblazoned sweater to a family basketball game on Sunday...

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Sasha Obama set first family watchers agog when she wore the unicorn-emblazoned sweater pictured above to a basketball game on Sunday.

The unicorn sweater from the fashion brand ASOS has since sold out, so popular has the 12-year-old member of the Obama clan made the item.

What caused the buying frenzy? Likely the Twitter buzz spawned by the appearance of the tween at the Maryland event with her family.

“‘Nothing in college basketball this season will be cooler than Sasha Obama’s sweater,’ remarked one Twitter user,” according to The Huffington Post. “Another quipped, ‘Sasha Obama’s unicorn sweater wins.’

The sweater had been reduced to about $19 from roughly $62 at the time of sudden public interest, but the retailer warned fans of the garment that this item might not be made available again.

“We’re not sure at the mo if it’ll be restocked, but watch this space,” ASOS tweeted from its official account.

Feminist web site Jezebel offered some similar sweaters as options while we wait and see. “You can get this one, from Urban Outfitters,” writes Erin Gloria Ryan. “If you feel like $plurging, there’s this, by WildFox.”

Commenters on the site agreed that the ASOS version is far cooler. Of course, ASOS agrees.

Could this be the making of a fashion brand partnership between young Sasha Obama and ASOS? While it is highly unlikely, it does remind one of first lady Michelle Obama’s close relationship with J.Crew, who she frequently wears for public events, as well as the luxury label Jason Wu.

J.Crew has also received a boon from Sasha’s older sister, Malia. “Malia’s J.Crew coat from the presidential inauguration was immediately a hot item,” The Huffington Post also reports.

Regardless of where their fashion affinities lie, one thing is clear — both of the Obama girls seem to have the same power to popularize looks like their mom. First lady Michelle Obama was recently found to have created over $3 billion in value for fashion brands through her selection of garments, according to a study. Taste runs in the first family.

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