Tami Roman in September of this year (left)/Roman in a photo posted on Twitter on November 19th (right)

Reality TV star Tami Roman has become the latest black celebrity accused of bleaching her skin after startling photos of her surfaced online this week in which she appears to be several shades lighter than she appeared just a couple of months ago.

There have been several recent incidents in which black stars appeared to have changed their appearance on album and magazine covers, but those controversies could have been easily dismissed as the fault of lighting or photoshoppers.

However, in Roman’s case, the photographs speak volumes. This may be the most dramatic skin color change since Sammy Sosa debuted a drastic loss of pigmentation back in 2009.

Of course, the most infamous melanin-related controversy swirled around the late Michael Jackson over the last few decades of his life. However, the King of Pop’s color evolved over several decades and he always maintained his ashen complexion was the result of a severe form of the skin disease vitiligo, a contention that was confirmed by autopsy reports following his death.

Several tweeters lashed out at Roman following the revelation of her new look:

As for Roman, she has yet to address the allegations specifically but this recent tweet seems to be directed at her critics:

“I see the little bootleg bloggers jumped on a bullsh*t rumor for clicks LMAO. GM world…dont believe the hype – stay blessed”