'Beverly Hills Cop IV' is still on; to be directed by Brett Ratner

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It’s been nearly twenty years since the last Beverly Hills Cop film graced the big screen — but fans hoping for a new installment in the Eddie Murphy franchise got some encouraging news over the weekend.

Deadline reports that director Brett Ratner is signing on to direct the fourth film in the series.

Ratner directed all three Rush Hour films and recently collaborated with Murphy on Tower Heist. Ratner was going to helm the Academy Awards with Murphy serving as host in 2012 but after a controversial interview caused Ratner to step down, the legendary comedian resigned too, out of loyalty to the director.

Murphy hasn’t been as prolific lately when it comes to his acting, but he has released new music. He has a new studio album (his fourth) called 9 out early next year.

For years Murphy has tried to resurrect the Axel Foley character and there was a brief attempt to bring him to the small screen with a show centered around his son, which would have been played by comic actor Brandon T. Jackson, but the pilot for the show was not picked up.

According to Deadline, Beverly Hills Cop IV will be produced by one of the men behind the original, Jerry Bruckheimer, as part of a new multi-picture deal he has with Paramount Pictures.