New York Times series puts face to homeless families in NYC

New York Times investigative reporter Andrea Elliott joined Morning Joe Tuesday morning to discuss her five-part NYT series on the life of a homeless New York City family.

Elliott began following Dasani, a homeless girl, and her family over a year ago. She met the 11-year-old outside the Auburn Family Residence in Brooklyn where her family lives.

Dasani is just one of 280 children living in that one homeless shelter, and she is just one of the 22,000 homeless children currently living in New York City.

Rev. Al Sharpton joined the broadcast and called Elliott’s series “compelling” and “amazing.”

Sharpton drew attention to the importance that school plays in the lives of homeless children. “I grew up in a single-parent home,” Sharpton said. “So school was also part of a family thing that I don’t think a lot of Americans get, and [Elliott] brought that sensitivity there with just clear facts.”

Watch the entire segment below and read the entire series on the New York Times.

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