Beyoncé reveals details behind new self-titled album

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E! Online – Beyoncé is opening up about some of the intimate details behind her new self-titled album.

At a release party and directors’ screening for the album at the School of Visual Arts Theater Saturday in New York City, the superstar singer arrived looking stunning in a body-hugging black mini dress and matching over-the-knee black peep toe boots.

The various directors from the 17 music videos on the visual album were in attendance, as were fans who won a radio contest to be there.

After guests at the event viewed all of the videos, the “Grown Woman” singer headed to the stage to answer questions via Instagram, and revealed some special details about how the album came together.

During the social networking interview, Beyoncé said she wrote the treatments for most of the videos and handpicked the directors.

The 32-year-old stunning songbird also dished on why she decided to be so open about her relationship with her hubby Jay Z on the album, saying it was because of motherhood–that it is “something that changes you” and that she is comfortable in her own skin.

As for what Beyoncé wants fans to take away from the album, she said, “Own your imperfections and all the things that make you interesting.”

And she has one main thing in mind when she’s putting on a show.

“The biggest goal is having happiness…when people come to my shows, I want them to leave there feeling like there is hope,” she went on.

Beyoncé said she wanted her album to be a surprise as a gift to her fans and thanked her team for keeping it under wraps, adding she was “nervous because this was a huge risk.”

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