Former model and budding real estate agent, Melyssa Ford is a veteran in the entertainment industry, who’s always open for a new challenge.

That new opportunity has arrived in Bravo TV’s new reality show Blood, Sweat, & Heels, which follows a group career first women in the concrete jungle.

“I mean the name alone is a play on Winston Churchill’s famous phrase,” said Ford about the show’s title. “We want to be known for more than being providers just because we have uteruses.”

Melyssa Ford talks Twitter thirst and being Catfished

Premiering this past sunday, #BSH pulled in 2.5 millions viewers making it Bravo’s highest reality series debut in network history.

Ford believes what will draw both men and women to the show is its entrepreneurial themes.

“It’s a show about wanting to do better for yourself and not wanting to settle. Who can’t relate to that?” she said.

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Bravo’s Blood, Sweat & Heels can be seen every Sunday at 9pm ET/PT.

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