Tamera Mowry’s husband Adam Housley calls out ‘bullies’

theGRIO REPORT - Tamera Mowry's husband, Adam Housely, has come to her defense after the actress recently revealed that she was the target of online racial bullying...

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Tamera Mowry’s husband Adam Housley has come to her defense after the actress recently revealed that she was the target of online racial bullying.

In an emotional episode of OWN’s Where Are They Now show, Tamera was brought to tears as she discussed some of the hurtful comments she has received criticizing her interracial marriage.

“Yes, I am white. Yes, she is half-black. Marrying a white man does not erase her color and marrying a woman who is half-black does not mean I am blinded,” Housely told TVNewser days after Tamera’s tearful story went viral. “The problem isn’t pigmentation…the problem is backwards, bigoted thought from people who should know better.”

“The fact that in this day and age, we get attacked for our interracial relationship is beyond sad…it is pathetic,” he said.

theGRIO: Tia, Tamera get teary discussing racist comments received online 

Tamera, along with her twin sister Tia, are part of a mixed-race family themselves. Their mother is black and their father is white, which is why, she explains, the attacks have been especially difficult to bear.

“I’ve never experienced so much hate ever in my life, ever,” Tamera said on OWN. “I get called ‘white man’s whore,’ the new one was, ‘Back in the day, you cost $300 but now you’re giving it to ‘em for free.’ Stuff that, me as a person, could never even fathom. I can’t even think of these words. It’s very hard for me to think of it because I’m a product of it. My mom is a beautiful black woman and my dad is an amazing white man. I grew up seeing a family.”

Housley, who is a Fox News correspondent, also appeared alongside news show host Bill O’Reilly on the network’s The O’Reilly Factor bashing the “bullies” who have attacked their marriage. Housley and Mowry have a 1-year-old child together, Aden.

“Just because Tamera married a white man doesn’t means she’s any less black. Just because I married a black woman doesn’t mean that my eyes are clouded. It has nothing to do with color,” he said. “My neice and nephew are mixed-race. My son is mixed-race. It’s like ‘OK,’ get over it. ”

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