Danielle Lee (The Urban Scientist)
Danielle Lee (The Urban Scientist)
Who is Danielle Lee?
Danielle Lee, Ph.D is a scientist whose specialty is the  field of biology. She describes herself as a Hip Hop mavin blogging on urban ecology, evolutionary biology and diversity in the sciences. She uses social media, informal science experiences and draws from hip hop culture to share science with general audiences, particularly under-served groups. She also runs the popular blog, “The Urban Scientist” which is published in Scientific American.
 Why is Daniel Lee in theGrio’s 100?
As more blacks begin to embrace social media, Lee uses her “The Urban Scientist” blog to reach out to like minded people who are health conscious and consider their bodies “a temple.”
Lee specializes in breaking down the old barriers that prevent inner-city communities from embracing the science and tech fields.
Another one of her  blogs, Urban Science Adventures, was the recipient of the 2009 Black Weblog Best Science or Tech Blog Award and her blog SouthernPlaylisticEvolutionMusic, explains evolutionary science through hip hop songs.
She is often sought out to discuss bridge-building opportunities to connect under-served audiences to science. Her honors include:
What’s next for Danielle Lee?
Lee’s extensive academic background, opens multiple ways to follow her passions. Holding multiple degrees, Lee will continue write and contribute to any publication that wants her expertise. She has been a featured panelist at Blogging While Brown, the largest concentration of minority bloggers in the country. You can reach her here.